Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ) 2/4

R.C. Nakai playing samples of Native American style flute music. I'm sure I may have missed some given the quantity of instruments/exhibits, but I counted a total of three North American style, two chamber flutes with block (bird). Even though there are about 10,000 instruments on display, there are so many different types (and regions) represented that while you are likely to find, say, a hundred different flutes, you are unlikely to find many of the same style of instrument.

Bigfoot is in Africa? Who knew? No wonder we haven't seen him in these parts lately... ;^)

resonate gourds

More pictures of a few of the instruments on display yet to come... By the way, they currently allow photographs in most areas, however no flashes are allowed. I took all the above pictures with my P&S which doesn't have a very large aperture lens for gathering light -- so while the museum is very well lit to the human eye, some of my pictures were taken near the limits of hand held shots for my particular camera.

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