Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Tucson All Souls Procession (1/3)

What better way to resume blogging after a month off than with a few pics of one of my favorite Tucson events, Sunday night's All Souls Procession? The All Souls Procession is an annual Tucson event inspired by Dia de los Muertos. In recent years it attracts over 20,000 people downtown for a peaceful and non-commercial remembrance of departed loved ones in light hearted and enjoyable way.

Ok, on to the pictures, starting with the clown above -- I guess birthdays do bring us one year closer, don't they?

This year's Urn, where people can place a short note of remembrance about a departed loved one. The Urn will be lit on fire and lifted skyward by a large crane during the grand finale later in the night (post #3 of my series).

Lots of people of all ages starting to gather at the starting area of the All Souls Procession. The Procession is held on a Sunday night and later than Dia de los Muertos to put some distance between the very different, more commercial, gore and party centric Halloween holiday).

There was a fairly large group of Andean instrument playing, colorful, and energetic dancers which we followed for much of the procession.

definitely a people watching people watching people watching people event!

Its never too early to learn how to play the pan-flute!

beatles seem attracted by the crowd for some reason...

a parasol? even with all that sun block? *smile*

not in control of their own destiny...


  1. Fascinating event! Those are some long fingers on that colorful skeleton clown and I like your comment about the marionettes.

  2. Diane -- it really is a cool event. That's no clown I want near any party of mine!


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