Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Tucson All Souls Procession (3/3)

it seemed like everyone had a camera and was in the picture of someone else...

Drummers in the procession provided a strong and lively beat that added a lot to the procession, especially during times when it moved along slowly.

no doubt representing a pet that was a past family member

please, please tell me this guy doesn't miss Disco! Disco is dead. Disco get down, and stay down.

biting my political commentary tongue, ow!

looking backward at our procession going through the new 4th Ave underpass as we head downtown toward the site of the grand finale

a lot of photo ops looking out at the bystanders watching along the route...

a very photogenic couple

Looking skyward at members of the locale pyrotechnic theatre group Flam Chen performing while dangling from a large construction crane during the grand finale. [unfortunately the conditions of the finale really challenge my capabilities with my handheld point & shoot camera, so not a lot of pics to share here... sorry 'bout that.]

Remember the Urn full of remembrances? Here it is on fire being hosted skyward by a construction crane into the night sky.

I really enjoyed this year's All Souls Procession and can't wait until November 2010 rolls around. I think the non-profit organizers do an incredible job with this event. This is really an amazing event and one that is hard to describe.
[I managed to get some better pictures and a short video of last year's finale which you can find over on my blog here]


  1. The costumes and props look really fun and creative. I like disco guy and the "photogenic couple."

  2. Great photos of a marvelous event, Warren!

  3. Diane -- I liked the "photogenic couple" too. They were just standing along the side of the route downtown as we passed by...

    Catalyst -- thanks!

  4. Oh wow-this is new to me. I would love to plan a visit out there for this next year. People watching people -- and what a great subjects to watch and photograph!
    so which one are you Warren?
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Everyone looks like they are really enjoying themselves! I remember your post from last year-that year went by fast!

  6. Jen -- its a great event! I didn't dress up... Maybe next year!

    Tree -- they are! Its very cool to see such a large crowd (pics don't do that justice) of people of all ages and walks of life getting together for a peaceful, fun, and non-commercial event!


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