Saturday, October 3, 2009

GLOW, unplugged (3/3)

While wandering around the GLOW festival looking at all the illuminated art, it was easy to miss some of the year-round art sitting in the dark along the path. Time to turn on my camera's flash and take a few snaps into the surrounding darkness to see what lurks out there. Turns out, some pretty cool stuff...

"found art" / "found junk?", lit by my flashlight, sitting in the dark next to a building


  1. What a fitting end for a farmstead -- turn all that equipment and those parts and tools into abstract sculptures.

  2. Catalyst -- lots of interesting stuff out there, I'm guessing I missed more things like these which were resting in the darkness

    Granny J -- I agree!

  3. These have some interesting shapes like hands, flowers etc.

  4. Hope you didn't wander too far in the dark and got lost! Miss your posts!


  5. Arasu -- yeah, its amazing what they have done with old discarded parts, very cool

    Tree -- thanks! Its just been an unusual month... took a little time off from regular blogging, but new posts up today!

    Con salsa -- they are creative, aren't they

  6. wow. some really great photos. I especially like the last one.


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