Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Tucson All Souls Procession (2/3)

Its clear that women have an advantage when it comes to face painting...

A lot of creativity goes into some of the push/pull carts. These two really used their head.

ah, did I mention music? mixed into the crowd were a number of groups playing music such as this young group of mariachis.

every procession needs a chairman and a chairwoman

a number of people carried pictures of dearly departed ones

In memory of the Tucson Citizen, a long-time local evening newspaper that went out of business recently... Note the headline on the last issue of the the paper, another much earlier headline, and of course the coffin being carried...

in memory of "Macho B" a jaguar that died after being accidently captured in a game and fish mountain lion trap. This event stirred a lot of emotions locally since jaguars are very rare here.

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