Thursday, July 9, 2009

yellow beaked red bird

This bird stands on one leg while watching traffic in front of the Velvet Elvis restaurant in Patagonia, AZ.


  1. I'm getting the impression that Patagonia is a thoroughly boutiqued up little town. Any cowboys left?

  2. granny j -- Patagonia has some boutiques/art galleries, but we are pretty much talking the number you can count on one hand. Its still pretty much a very small rural town.

    Nearby Sonoita is definitely horse country.

  3. That's a cute the whimsical, brightness of it.

    I've been to Patagonia a few times and it's cute, but not a whole lot going on in town. My dad's friend/acquaintance Jim Harrison (he wrote Legend's of the Fall) lives there, supposedly.

  4. Kim -- true, its a pretty quiet place. A great place to see unique birds though.


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