Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Painted Desert Inn

This is the Painted Desert Inn, a National Historic Landmark. The original inn was built in the 1920's, was then remodeled in the 30's by the Civilian Conservation Core, and today is an interesting historic structure and park bookstore.

Lots of great reflections to catch off the clear glass windows outside

ok, this isn't a great picture, but I thought it was interesting because it shows both the outside reflection and the interior window at the far side of the room looking out at the badlands, reflecting off the interior floor.

painted directly on interior walls of the building

looking straight up at stained glass over one of the main interior stairwells

Is this a great patio and setting or what?!


  1. How far do you suppose it is looking straight ahead to the far mountain range? What a view! great colors and neat place. :)


  2. Tree -- I'm not sure how far it is looking straight ahead. In the last patio picture, I believe the furthest peak in the leftmost part of the picture is relatively close, less than 10 miles.


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