Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a well rounded diet

This pizza eating dude is located outside the Velvet Elvis restaurant in Patagonia, AZ. If you are in the vicinity, they make some excellent designer pizzas for carnivores and herbivores alike.

A friend recently shared with me how to calculate the volume of one of these meals using the following parameters: pi=3.1415, z=radius, a=height of pizza. Then the volume of space occupied by the meal is: pi*z*z*a

[Links: for some pictures of a couple of really cool Portland, OR fountains, check out the Portland (OR) Daily Photo blog posts Ira Keller Fountain and "Car Wash".]


  1. Velvet Elvis--oh, the images that conjures, Warren. I like this pizza man. Thanks for the links to the fountains--I appreciate them.

  2. Lynette -- you would guess correctly if you guessed there is a Velvet Elvis painting hanging inside the restaurant.


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