Monday, July 27, 2009

Petrified Forest National Park / Painted Desert

Here are a few more clicks from car pullouts in Petrified Forest National Park taken last week. The view above is of the badlands, part of the wilderness area of the park. With a permit, you can backpack in, spend the night, and wander around. Pretty much have the place to yourself...

the "Tepees"

above, crew working on installing a new paved trail in part of the park (1/4 down, 2/3 across picture is where people are standing)

a short steep descent trail from one of the overlooks

with a bench for the return trip

the entrance to the wilderness area with a storm approaching


  1. Spectacular views--you should be a tour guide.
    I much more enjoy these tourist attractions with less people around too. ;)

  2. Enjoyed your tours. Having never been to the petrified forest or painted desert, I am struck by the austere beauty conveyed by your pictures.

  3. Very nice pictures!!!
    It makes me want to go see AZ... well maybe I will wait til the winter. Just got back from Corvallis and it was 97 YIKES we hurried back to the coast!
    Toodles, LRK

  4. Great landscape photos! I really enjoyed them! I had never seen the badlands at least like that-really cool! :)

  5. Jen -- not having crowds is certainly a plus, but it also makes me worry about the long term existence of some places.

    Diane -- thanks!

    LRK -- thanks! You guys should come visit. wow 97 in Corvalis, I'll bet you rushed back to the coastal breeze!

    Tree -- thanks, from what I understand there are a number of places, including these, that are called badlands do to historic difficulties in traveling in the area, lack of water, etc.


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