Thursday, May 28, 2009

a monitor for your monitor...

This is a life-sized Komodo Dragon seen wandering the grounds of the Tucson Botanical Gardens today. It was hand carved out of a single Teak tree log, and would be perhaps six or seven feet long if its tail were stretched out. It is on loan to the Gardens by Zee's Gallery.

Seems right at home here. Probably enjoying the Tucson heat.

The carved crosshatching really gives it a realistic lizard-like skin appearance. When I first saw it, I thought it might have been made out of fine wire mesh instead of wood.

This wood, of course, be a tailing attempt by an artist seeking to teak out a living in the cold-blooded and highly komodotized art market... ;^)


  1. Well, someone has to do the first GROAN, so I do it. That there's really a fine piece of chain saw art, it is!

  2. That skin detail is really amazing! Poor fellow is missing a toe...

    Thank you for having such a keen eye for art to post and share!


  3. grannyj -- I'll shed no alligator tears for this Komodo, least one land on its back... Nothing worse than Komodo backtearia. It takes a while to warm up to biting Komodo humor, but doctors claim a resulting increase in patience.

    tree -- de tail really is impressive. Its a really nice carving effect.

    -- ok, ok, I'll stop before you all send the art gecko police after me! ;^)

  4. Hi Warren, This is my first time visiting your site, and I must say that it is fascinating. You have found all sorts of interesting subjects around Tucson and your photos are great!

  5. Tombo -- thanks! I think I'd rather run into the carved kind versus the real ones though...

    Diane -- thanks for dropping by!


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