Sunday, February 1, 2009

after the rain

You never know whats going to turn up after a rain, unless of course you planted turnips.

A few more new_to_me things this past week:

#5: I had to have new brake pads installed on my car; I took advantage of the dealer's WiFi access in their lounge to use my laptop -- I got a lot done in the three hours I waited and it was a more efficient use of time than leaving and coming back later. I'd do this again.

#6: I actually completed my Federal & State taxes in January. That's a new_to_me item for sure. I've been trying to get things like that out of the way and behind me as I get ready to focus on the challenges and opportunities soon to come.

#7: update: I forgot about this one, I also joined Facebook to connect with a few friends and relatives, figure out what its all about, and maybe make a few new friends.

Ok, back to Sunday chores, hopefully a quick bike ride around the neighborhood, and then off to Craig & Jane's annual Superbowl party.

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