Friday, February 27, 2009

Javalina Rodeo

This week was Rodeo Week in Tucson (a long time Tucson event, quite a few people take Thursday off to do or not do things rodeo related). Erica at the Java Edge (used to be Javalina's) coffee shop in Rita Ranch continues to do her unique dry erase board art such as last week's board above.

[Links: Fans of the Tucson based pyrotechnic theatre group Flam Chen will be happy to know that their website is up with lots of pictures, background info, movie clips, and generally fun stuff.

Note: bandwidth on their movie links seems a bit constrained, so to avoid the start/stop/start effect I'd recommend pressing play on a movie clip, then immediately pause it and let it continue to buffer/download completely, and then press play to play the whole thing without annoying pauses... In their movie section, the video clip from the All Souls Procession 2008 and the Helium Promo are good starting points. Whoever did their website did a great job, be sure to check out the entry page to their site, too.]

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