Saturday, September 13, 2008

#45 visited Taliesin West

Back on Labor Day weekend, as a new thing to me, I decided to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West. Taliesin West was the famous architect's winter home/school and showcases a number of very interesting Wright designs. The only way to tour the grounds is to pay for a tour and one is only allowed on the grounds during the tour. I enjoyed the 90 minute tour very much, but I thought the price ($32, pricey!) was high by at least 10-15 dollars due to the limited amount of time allowed on the actual grounds.

lots and lots of interesting designs and art on the grounds...

interesting angles, corners, and doors!

My favorite entryway door design of the various doors

leading to a private hidden patio...

A very cool dragon, which actually does breath fire on the evening tours. To see a picture of it lit at night, check out the Taliesin West fire breathing dragon picture on flickr. Impressive.

There are a number of outstanding cast bronze sculptures on the grounds by artist Heloise Christa, including this large collection in a sculpture patio outside the performance hall.

This was my favorite sculpture, "Coming into the Present", by Heloise Christa.


  1. I have always liked FLW. I had plans to do some slipform stonework here but have been dragging my feet. Some friends have a lovely handmade stone house that is hard to top-I was relieved to see the slipform here is rather sloppy so it has removed some of my trepidation. Love the sculptures and the photos are great as always.

  2. tree ocean -- thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. I love the "coming in to the present" sculpture as well! So many beautiful places to visit in your area of the world...

  4. amber -- thanks for the comment! I really like the way that this sculpture conveys motion, time, stride, and progress.


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