Monday, September 1, 2008

#43 Herd it at the Heard

I was in Phoenix this weekend for some errands and decided to tour a few spots that I haven't been to before, one of which was the Heard Museum . The Heard Museum displays the best of traditional and contemporary Native American art. I really liked the above Sculpture in one of the courtyards.

Notice the blown over Palo Verde tree in the background? A storm had just recently passed through Phoenix and there were trees down all around the downtown area.

A very round and very straight fountain, I like how it moves water from one area across dry rocks and then pours water down below [ocean, clouds, rain?].

a couple taking a break outside

I actually liked the carved stone Tufa mold by Ric Charlie even more than the resulting casting shown below.

Now is this a good representation of the Trickster, or what? Even has a can of pork, whiskey, & bible in one hand. One of the exhibit rooms had lots of interesting murals running around the top wall of the room.

This basket is by Terrol Dew Johnson (b. 1971) Tohono O'odham (2001).

This is just a very brief sampling of art at the Heard, with an emphasis on the outdoor sculptures. The inside collections display really nice examples of traditional and contemporary Native American art in all types of media. Well worth a visit.


  1. any information on the artist for the 2nd and 3rd images?

    Great snaps!

    Found your blog via Granny J

  2. tombocheck -- the artist that created the outstanding sculptures in the 2nd ("Intertribal Greeting") and 3rd ("Kayenta Woman") pictures is Doug Hyde. When I looked up his bio listed at, it said he is a resident of Prescott.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Warren - thanks for the info. I thought they looked awful familiar. Doug (and his wife Debbie) Hyde used to be my neighbors. He does some amazing work. I will have to get down to this museum to see the pieces in person. :)


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