Sunday, March 30, 2008

my left hand

I sketched my left hand after learning a few things about drawing negative space (seeing things as a flat outline) -- amazing how much that helps.

Now looking at my left hand, I reflect on a few of the things it has done for me in the last 49+ years:

  • held my mother
  • held my father
  • helped me crawl
  • pushed toys around on the ground
  • petted cats
  • played with dogs
  • caught a ball
  • helped steer a bicycle
  • rolled newspapers
  • made model airplanes and rockets
  • held books open so my other hand could freely write
  • opened doors
  • held button holes open
  • had the trust to hold a nail when my other hand held a hammer
  • played a saxophone
  • climbed over rocks
  • moved me through water
  • pointed at a bird
  • focused a camera lens
  • pulled out a thorn
  • paddled a canoe
  • held the reigns of a horse
  • held other hands
  • operated the clutch on a motorcycle
  • moved pieces on a Monopoly board
  • steered many cars, opened many windows
  • stroked a cheek
  • flew a plane
  • stayed up all night waiting to type a paper for me
  • learned how to rest peacefully on "asdf" keys
  • held a bow steady
  • rested my shoulders from the weight of a pack
  • picked a flower, pulled a weed
  • reached into a hive of bees
  • danced to the music
  • rubbed the sleep from my eyes
  • pushed up my glasses
  • pushed a cart
  • carried groceries
  • kneaded bread
  • shot a pistol
  • slapped a mosquito
  • held vegetables while they were being chopped
  • gathered wood for campfires
  • climbed a rope
  • scratched an itch
  • paddled a kayak
  • washed a car
  • swung an ax
  • lifted a shovel
  • played a native flute
  • gallantly tried to save the rest of me during a fall
  • endured two surgeries to recovery
  • held many, many, things steady so my right hand could do the other half of the work
  • blocked the sun from my eyes
  • rested peacefully while my other hand was sketching something...

Keep up the great job, my left hand. Glad to have you on the team!


  1. a lovely list. here is a link to a blog i found with simple sketches i thought you would enjoy!

  2. Amber -- thanks, also thank you for the indexed sketch link, pretty cool!


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