Wednesday, March 26, 2008

#14 Tried my hand at sketching

I've enjoyed looking at a number of sketches in other folks blogs -- its interesting how their sketches capture a different feel than the same image in a photo (check out the blog paintedcats for some great examples).

I decided to try it out myself, starting with a moleskine notebook and the book The Creative License by Danny Gregory for motivation and hopefully some technique.

Very early in the book, without any instructions, he says to: "draw a chair, draw a mug, draw a table, draw a person ... do not erase any of your lines (ink), date your drawings, don't read ahead, go for it!". Kind of a jump in the water and see if you can swim exercise.

So the drawings above are my results with an ink pen. I was expecting worse, but then I wasn't expecting much! Very interesting... We'll see where this heads off to... I guess the point of doing this is to be able to look back on them... I'll only count the new thing this once, but I'll (hopefully) come up with more sketches to post from time to time.

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