Monday, April 1, 2013

Tucson MoctoberFest 2013 Photos

Here are a few pictures I took at MoctoberFest on Saturday.  MoctoberFest is a fun All Souls Procession benefit and spring carnival held at the Mercado San Agustin in Tucson.  Above, belly dance performance by Skirt Full of Fire.

Mamaxe put on a great show of West African dancing to the beat of Planet Djembe.

... and offered the chance for folks to get up a learn a few moves

The Mamaxe dancers (front) with Planet Djembe drummers (West African music and dance)

In addition to their evening performance, members of the Flight School acrobatics group put on an amazing demonstration out in the courtyard of the Mercado.

just sitting around on a Saturday afternoon... they make it look so easy...

ok, supported by one foot, this is just an amazing pose!  

The propane tank at the top of the stack above was part of a cool, make that warm, large flame that would periodically go off during the evening lighting up the entire performance area.  Pretty neat!

Circus Electric was there with their very large as well as this small Van de Graf generator to light up the night.  My blog entry/photos from last year's MoctoberFest has some pictures of their large Van De Graf generator performance.

It's always fun to try to take night pictures of led hula-hoops.  It works better with a steady camera support, but still fun to take.

Main music stage to the left, and aerial silks hanging in the breeze awaiting silk artists later in the evening.

igniting a hula hoop for a fire dance

Since my still photos don't do any justice to the sound and motion of the festival, here is a short collection of quick video clips taken with my phone of fire dancing by the always great Orbital Evolution Hula Hoop Troupe, the large Van de Graf generator with Circus Electric.  Perhaps this event would be better shot in video?

MoctoberFest 2013 was a great way to kick back and enjoy a beautiful spring day in Tucson --  gotta love Tucson and the performing arts community of Tucson!


  1. Fabulous series of images from the MOctober Fest Warren, looks like it was heaps of fun.

    1. thanks! It was indeed a fun event, and a great chance to continue work on my nemesis, low light event photography. :-)


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