Monday, April 2, 2012

Tucson MoctoberFest 2012 pictures

 I had a great time Saturday night down at the Tucson MoctoberFest listening to bands, watching dancers, a wide range of great performers, and shooting a few pictures while at it.   I rotated the above picture upside down for a different perspective -- hey, they're acrobats, they should be able to handle it.  :-)

In addition to being a great event on its own, the MoctoberFest was also a fundraiser for Many Mouths One Stomach, the organization behind the wonderful All Souls Procession held every year in Tucson.

The festival setting was held inside the courtyard of the Mercado  San Agustin and in the parking lot to the west of the building (below) looking up at Tumamoc Hill.  It was really nice listening to a band on the main stage while looking up at the Orion constellation in the night sky overhead!

Hoops!  Lots of hoops at this festival!

and silk artists

and costumes and smiles!   The Orbital Evolution Hula Hoop Troupe are always fun to watch.  They also provided Hula Hoops for adults and kids to enjoy in the grassy area inside the Mercado.

and happy feet!  -- I really enjoyed watching some outstanding dancers dancing to a great African rhythm beat.

in addition to two main stage areas, there were some small breakout groups as well

a family friendly event, there were a number of activities for children

Once it got dark there were many "sideshow" performances, including Professor Carl Noggle’s Tesla Coil -- a truely electrifying performance.

she's standing on the top of a giant Tesla coil, has potential...  ;-)

long exposure of a great led poi dancer

oh, and to be accurate, here is the correct perspective of the picture at the start of this blog entry,  Flight School during their very cool performance.

and here is my full set of MoctoberFest pictures (about 100) on a flickr slide show (click the bottom right icon to expand to full screen)...   Enjoy!  I did!

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