Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jim Click's Run N Roll 2012 at UofA campus

This was a busy day.  I needed to be at work for a scheduled systems maintenance window at 8 AM today, but it just so happened that the Jim Click Run 'N' Roll race that I had wanted to take a few pictures at was being held on campus with a first start time of 7:30 AM.  I was able to take pictures of the Wheelchair race start, the 8K run start, the 3K fun run start and even snap few pics on my rush to get to my office.  Sometimes things just fall into place.

It looked like everyone had a great morning.  I'm not a runner, but it seemed like a really nice/interesting course that snaked around and through the UofA campus.

Here's a slide show of my full set of photos on Flickr (click bottom right to enlarge to full screen)


  1. Great shots! It looks like a wonderful event.

    1. Thanks! It did look like a good course for a run...

  2. Amazing photos of an amazing event.


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