Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last week's Tucson streetcar construction photos

8/2/2012, morning, looking west down 2nd Street from Mountain Ave
Here are a few pictures taken of the Tucson modern electric streetcar track construction project from last week.  Above, fresh concrete getting smoothed out.  Progress, progress...

8/2/2012, looking east down 2nd Street from Park Ave
the eastbound track appear to be higher than the westbound tracks

8/2/2012, lunchtime, looking west down 2nd Street from Mountain Ave

the morning's concrete has set on the eastbound rail; more westbound initial rail placement, then comes the under rail metal supports, space adjustments between rails, leveling, etc.

8/2/2012, looking west down University Blvd from Park Ave

8/5/2012, looking south on 4th Ave from 7th Street
 the recently torn up stretch of 4th Ave -- still expect to see a horse drawn wagon pass by

8/5/2012, looking north on 4th Ave from 7th Street

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