Monday, August 29, 2011

Galloping through Portland in a day

 OK, so I'm still catching up on vacation pictures...   On my recent Oregon trip I had only given myself one day in downtown Portland -- goal this time, visit PAM (Portland Art Museum) and walk around town seeking out some of Portland's street art (I really liked the bronze horses above galloping through the streets).

 I left my car at the TriMet MAX parking garage in Clackamas and took the Green Line light rail train from there into downtown Portland.  Free Parking + $4.75 for a 1-day pass good on all light rail, street car, buses.  No parking hassles.  Gotta love good public transportation! 

 Cool beaver sculptures cooling off in an urban fountain

 The fountain next to the visitor center in Pioneer Square.  At midday I came back here, bought lunch from a food cart and sat on the steps watching the world go by...  Plenty of other people doing likewise.

 but its not raining today...

 These giant umbrellas must be nice on rainy days.  I spent a week in Oregon this trip and didn't get rained on once -- that's a first for me.

 A giant sculpture across the street from Powell's Books.

I had a great time walking all over town, and took a lot of pictures at the PAM which had an impressive special exhibit of vintage cars and lots of impressive art in their collection.  Also on my Portland 1sts, I found the incredible Keller Fountain (not the one pictured above).  I'll be posting these pictures in my next four posts.

Every time I visit Portland I get more impressed by it.  Quite favorably.  Portland seems to have a really nice vibe to it.

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