Friday, August 19, 2011

Cape Foulweather, Oregon

I took this picture of the Cape Foulweather area while visiting good friends who live along the coast.  So beautiful up there, and visiting from the desert I certainly enjoy all the water and GREEN everywhere.

My blog readers (still out there?) may notice that I'm trying a new template as well as larger picture images.  Might take a bit longer to load the pages, but I kind of like using the screen real estate and the pictures look better without having to explicitly click on them to enlarge them.

Good, bad, indifferent?  Please leave a comment if problems/issues with the new layout.   Thanks!


  1. I like the new format.

    Looks like you visited Cape Foulweather on a Fairweather day!

  2. Beautiful shot! I like the bigger picture size, and they don't take longer to load on my computer. Nice simple layout too. :)

  3. Diane, Catalyst -- thanks for the feedback! it appears that the embedded comment form had some problems, at least I couldn't make this comment with it. I changed the settings back to a pop up comment window which seems to work better now.


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