Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 All Souls Procession Pictures, Tucson, AZ

About 20,000 or so Tucsonans enjoyed great weather for the Annual All Souls Procession in downtown Tucson Sunday night. This is one of my favorite events, lots of people watching, pyrotechnics during the finale event, peaceful, tolerant, diverse, reflective, and non-commercial. Simply amazing! I even painted my face this year, wandered around taking pics, walked in the procession, and enjoyed Flam Chen's acrobatics and fire work during the finale.

Below is a slideshow of many more of my All Souls Procession pictures from last night. To get the largest full screen images, press play, then press the expand button at the bottom right. Enjoy! Leave me a comment if you stop by and were there...


  1. AWESOME!! I can't pick a favorite; many stand out however. I really need to make a point of going next year. Thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures.
    I am in the last picture.? Great!!!!

  2. Great photos, Warren. That's an amazing procession. Reminds me of Halloween night in Austin, Texas. I'm going to try to come down next year.

  3. Jen -- thank you so much!

    Yes, that's me in the last picture with kind of the basic skull face. Wow, all I can say is that facepaint is challenging for me... Makes the really intricate design facework of others that much more impressive! I wonder how long it takes them?

    Catalyst -- thanks! It is indeed a very cool event!


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