Friday, October 29, 2010

All Souls Procession 2010 Costume Fashion Show

I had a fun time down at Cafe Passe thursday night watching a show of costumes used in past year's All Souls Procession events. Nicely done! But where's the burlap? Here are a few pics... (click for bigger pics)

Flam Chen is known for their stilts and very unique creative costumes! and fire, of course... but that's for another night.

As part of the event, they had an auction of customized All Souls Procession tee shirts from prior years -- customized is a huge understatement!

Cool band playing afterwards... Bummed that I had to leave before the Mission Creeps played, but it was great to be able to come down here and people watch.

Outside the Little Village on 4th Ave, home to Cafe Passe, and the Bohemia, The Wooden Tooth, and Ventana Galleries.

I was trying out my new G12 camera in low light shooting for the first time. It performed pretty well for a small camera, especially considering that I was juggling a book in one hand while trying to take steady shots and had just thrown down a large coffee since I was going to have to do a little late work for the U tonight. [More (better) pictures of this event by me and others are on flickr, select slideshow at top right]. (more better?!)

One more week until the All Souls Procession -- really looking forward to it! A great Tucson event!


  1. Very colorful indeed!!
    Unfortunately I had to miss all the All Souls festivities again this year- I was out early Oct.
    Hope you are able to go to the Procession and post some pictures once again.

  2. Thanks Jen! Hoping to get some good shots this year.. The ASP is a great event.


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