Tuesday, November 9, 2010

taking jellyfish to new heights

2010 All Souls Procession, Tucson

One of the many great experiences at the annual All Souls Procession is watching the finale performers. They often use a high lift crane which you may remember me referencing in prior year's blog posts. My low light pictures never do full justice to the height and performances of the suspended aerialists...

MMOS has just posted a VERY COOL daylight rehearsal video shot by Stu Jenks of the aerialists rehearsing for their performance last Sunday night that really captures their movements and how high they are above the ground!


  1. Enjoyed your coverage of the All Souls Procession. Looks like an awesome event, I hope to go sometime!

  2. Diane -- Thanks, you really should check it out sometime, its a very positive experience!


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