Wednesday, January 28, 2009

layed off on the new things

As a not so good new thing I've been hit by a layoff - surplused by my employer who has cut a large number of jobs (thousands) in the last two weeks. I've got 30 days to try to find another internal job, and if unsuccessful I'll then receive a severance package. The severance package is pretty good for these days, in these times. It will certainly help buy some time.

I'll be focused on internal job possibilities for the next month and then expanding if necessary into general marketplace opportunities, possibly spend some time retooling. Yep, its a really tight market out there right now. I fully intend to keep my eyes open for rainbows, sunsets, and some of the good things that can result from hard times.

Keeping my fingers crossed, my eyes open, and my feet moving...

[new to me #3 for 2009]


  1. Hey, Arren -- that's a bummer. Best of good fortune in your search for a new place to land!

  2. grannyj -- thanks for the good wishes!


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