Saturday, December 20, 2008

losing our head on the eastside...

Back in April I posted some pictures of the defunct Magic Carpet Golf sculptures taken during a fundraiser to try to find new homes for some of the unique pieces. I noticed today that they are preparing to move the very large Tiki Head by building a steel frame around it. Last I heard the head was headed down to 4th avenue somewhere... Nice to see it being saved instead of 'dozed.


  1. makes me think of "Night at the Museum". Have any Gum-Gum? LOL

  2. Good! I hate to see long-time icons disappear, such as our tattered sign at the Senator Drive-In did one day because newcomer neighbors complained it was unsightly!!!

  3. tree ocean -- indeed!

    grannyj -- I agree! Let's hope it has a nice long life down on 4th Avenue.


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