Monday, December 15, 2008

Winterhaven House Lights

Here are more pictures I snapped while wandering around Winterhaven Sunday night.

My pictures don't do this house justice -- it was decorated like a big aquarium, very 3D.

Blue plastic over the front of the house, hanging fish around the yard

Santa can't ask for better directions to a chimney

very peaceful

The cast of Family Guy, including "Evil Monkey" in the window

Simple and very nice, I really liked it.

You have no idea how much pressure Santa is under these days...

This dog really decorates his doghouse for the holidays!

A real, full size house, gingerly decorated

This house was decorated like a beach down in Mexico... Santa's dug himself into the sand and is relaxing; the other side of the yard had a very large blue tarp on the ground with fans blowing it so it rippled like water.

I had to try the "artsy" purposeful blurring of Christmas lights shot.

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  1. Those are some awesome Christmas decorations!
    Love the family guy one and the directions for Santa one! so cute


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