Wednesday, October 1, 2008

#49 hiked to Taft Point

While in Yosemite I did a quick 2 mile round trip hike out to Taft Point.

The guy on the top of the rock is standing on Taft Point. A very cool vantage point to look down about 3500 vertical feet into the Yosemite Valley. I think that point may be the highest spot that I've stood on and been able to look nearly straight down... There is a small rail there, but not where I'm standing to take this picture. Across the valley and lower is El Capitan.

A very nice little hike, and only a few other folks on the trail -- a lot of the other areas that aren't in the back country were pretty hard to find much solitude in.

[It was a hazy day and I didn't bring any filters, so what you see is what I saw...]

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