Friday, May 30, 2008

#26 artistic structured chaos

Sometime back I heard that there was a house over by Salpointe High School that had a lot of metal art or something. Last weekend I found myself in the area, so I drove around and finally found the house at the intersection of Water & Highland. The musician in the picture above is at a nearby turn circle in the neighborhood and undoubtedly by the same artist.
But the yard... Wowsa. Tons and tons of folk art of different ages and condition. All the way out to the curb. Walking along the street it was very interesting: saw a lot of clutter and a lot of interesting, really neat stuff. Well worth a stop. Not sure if I would want to be a close property owner. But pretty darn cool to visit. Everywhere I looked, the more I looked, the deeper I looked, the more things I would see that I initially missed.

Chrome magnon men?

Rusted large coffee or food cans

A local band hanging out on the corner

Perhaps these cans originally held Llama Beans?

A little camera shy, but I wasn't shy of a camera, so I snapped it

The very definition of recycling!

A saguaro in another street turn circle nearby


  1. Warren -- those are fabulous. Wish they were here in Prescott!!

  2. grannyj -- thanks for the comment! Quite an eclectic collection indeed.


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