Monday, May 26, 2008

#23, #24 saw a mural on purpose, not accident

The Tucson Murals Project blog recently posted a picture of a mural in Tucson that looked pretty neat, so I decided to follow their virtual link to the physical address and see it for myself. Usually I spot murals by accident while driving around doing errands. This is a "new to me" (#24), to actually seek a specific one out on purpose. Here are a few of my pictures of it. Very big, very well done. Worth a visit. [click pics to enlarge]

Also on my "was" new-to-me list from a little while back, I joined AARP (#23). Part of the ritual of turning 50, I guess. Even though retirement is hopefully some ways off for me, I enjoy reading many of the articles in the AARP magazine. Useful for insight and planning. But 50? Come on, 50 is the new 30, right?!!

[Lynette's blog at Portland Daily Photo has a very nice, and serendipitous, Memorial Day photo sequence worth checking out. Also, Rick Steves (of Rick Steves TV travel shows) is currently visiting Iran and blogging about it. Interesting reading.]

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