Sunday, February 10, 2008

some cd behavior...

Our Tucson Native American Flute circle sponsored a concert by California NAF artist Scott August today down at the Madera clubhouse in Quail Creek. We had a great turnout with 197 people buying concert tickets.

I volunteered to help Scott sell his CDs and DVDs.

An interesting "new thing" for me...

Scott gave an outstanding concert. After the concert a large number of fans gathered around the table wanting to buy music, ask which CD had "Heart of the Sky" or "Mockingbird Canyon" or "Raven Dance", etc.

Between answering questions, helping people find the CD with the song they loved, making change, handling credit cards, tracking what was being sold, restocking the table, and Scott autographing CDs, it was a veeerry busy table.

I gained a new appreciation of the amount of effort that professional solo musicians like Scott go through: getting their equipment set up for a gig, handling their CD sales, having to be fresh on stage for a two hour performance, tearing down equipment, etc. It's pretty much full-on from arrival to departure for them, no lounging around in a green room before going on stage...

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