Sunday, February 17, 2008

Its about time... its about carrots?

I ran into this guy passing time over the weekend.

He seemed like a good representation of Coyote, the trickster.

Coyote appears to be selling watches with incorrect time in an effort to fool us into believing we have more time, or less, than we actually do.

It seems to me that too many of us rabbits have lost the ability to comprehend time in the big picture. We have also started buying our carrots from coyotes -- which can lead to nothing but trouble...

Well, that's my story for this picture. Anyone else have a story for this guy that they would like to post?


  1. I wouldn't mind having that coyote in my yard or my living room -- he's splendid. I could care less what scam he's currently committing.

  2. grannyj -- thanks, I thought this was a pretty cool example of southwestern folklore too.


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