Friday, July 12, 2013

Night blooming Echinopsis on the patio last night

The night blooming Echinopsis cactus (Easter Lily cactus) on my back patio really outdid itself last night.  About a week ago it had started expanding 12 stalks (above) which had been stalled for about two weeks.

Last night at about 6:30 PM it was clear that all twelve were primed and ready to bloom that night:

I checked on them at about 10:00 PM and found 12 fresh Echinopsis flowers, very nice!  
 Each stem is about 8 inches long from the base to the top of the flower.


  1. Impresionantes fotos. Le felicito por su técnica.
    Wonderful photos!


  2. The color of the blooms is truly lovely!
    Nifty pictures - thanks for sharing! And we didn't even have to stay up late to see it. {Ok, well I kinda did...}

    1. thanks! some of these flowers do require staying up late to see at their best, not to mention the night lighting challenges! :-)

    2. {grin} Your photographs must have stuck with me. Taking advantage of being up very late one night, I ended up in my back yard a few weeks ago balancing a flashlight and camera trying to take pictures of our night-blooming cereus. Revisiting your blog today, I was reminded of your photographs so I think I'll give you the blame/credit for that adventure. ;-)

    3. Done! {wry grin} Blame/credit has been assigned.

  3. That is beautiful, my mom and I have spent the evening sitting out and watching the cereus bloom, its an amazing sight.


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