Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Furious Truckstop Waitresses

Back on July 20th, I attended my first Tucson Roller Derby bout.  It was pretty cool -- serious competition.  The Tucson Furious Truckstop Waitresses (FTW) played Phoenix's Surly Girlies.  Then Tucson's VICE team had a bout with Phoenix's Bad News Beaters.

I enjoyed the challenge of trying to take some pictures of the action -- actually pretty challenging since the well-lit to the human eye arena was actually pretty dim to my flash-less camera, especially for capturing action shots.  Most of these photos were taken at ISO 6400.  Besides liking the competition itself, I like the challenge of taking photos under these conditions so I plan to return to enjoy a few bouts and work on my photo technique challenges as well -- good times.

The Tucson Roller Derby has a great venue in a warehouse just across from the Tucson International Airport.  They had food trucks outside and good seating inside.  For more information on the Tucson Roller Derby, check out their website or Facebook page.  Definitely worth checking out a bout sometime for a nice change of pace.  Here's a great promo video from Youtube.


  1. I remember doing a television story on the roller derby in Phoenix many decades ago. Those girls are tough as nails and real athletes.

    1. Very true. I have to admit that I had somewhat of the old stereotype from TV decades ago that this wasn't a serious sport, which it is. Serious, but with interesting fun names and outfits. Definitely recommend folks briefly read up on the rules to understand what they are seeing and then watch a bout sometime.


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