Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tucson modern electric streetcar track construction pictures

 7/28/2012, looking East on University Blvd from Euclid Ave

Here are some pictures I took this morning of track installation on University Blvd for the new modern electric streetcar route in Tucson.

 7/28/2012, looking East on University Blvd from Euclid Ave

The left track is for the westbound SunLink route.  On the right you can see two rails that will eventually be placed for the eastbound direction.

 7/28/2012, on University Blvd, looking SE toward Tyndall Ave.

 7/28/2012, on University Blvd, looking SW from near Tyndall Ave

Today they appeared to be adjusting alignment of the track, track height, track spacing, and setting the forms for the concrete pour that will finally lock everything in place and provide street height.  The yellow bar in the photo above had a hand crank that appeared to be for adjusting the spacing between the two rails.

 7/28/2012, on University Blvd looking SE at intersection with Tyndall Ave.

 7/28/2012, looking south across University Blvd (between Park Ave & Tyndall Ave)

And of course, being an electric streetcar, there is a lot of overhead construction that needs to be done for power cables.  The above bolting plates are about 4 feet long and will be set in concrete to support the poles that hold the support cables that will suspend the over track power cables.

 7/28/2012, on University Blvd, looking... uh, down.

Lots of rebar to reinforce what will be the concrete piller holding the bolts that hold the pole that hold the cables that hold the power that power the streetcar to power the wheels to ...   Well, you get the idea.  I believe the gray conduit that they are getting ready to place down the center will be for the power running up the pole.

 7/28/2012, on University Blvd, looking SE toward the Park Ave / University Blvd intersection.

7/28/2012, looking West on University Blvd from the Park Ave / University Blvd intersection

The track on this end appears to curve a bit to the south, probably so that it can eventually have the radius needed to make the 90 degree turn to head north on Park Ave.

All and all, a very nice morning today.  In addition to the above pictures, I've taken a number of non-construction pictures over the last several days which I'll be sharing on new blog posts very soon.  

Here is a video simulation that I found on YouTube of what the "SunLink" streetcar will eventually look like traversing the route.  The stretch of track just past "Main Gate" on the video is the section of construction show in my blog post today.

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  4. thanks for dropping by everyone!


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