Thursday, July 26, 2012

Easter Lily Cactus

 This is an Easter Lily Cactus blooming in my patio about two weeks ago.  The flower/stems are each 7-8 inches long.  It doesn't bloom often, and the flowers only last a day, but when it blooms its pretty spectacular.   These are all iPhone pics.

This is the same plant the day before blooming with my hand in the picture for scale.  I'd like to do a time-lapse sequence of this cactus preparing to bloom sometime in the future.

[Links: David Sobel has written a thought provoking article "Look, Don't Touch: The problem with environmental education".  He makes some very valid points concerning how we introduce kids to nature and how that has changed over time.  It made me reflect on all the neat experiences my friends and I had outdoors growing up and how very different some of those experiences might be today.  Recommended.  Its in the ORION Magazine and you can read the article here.]


  1. Now those are some blooms!! Beautiful!!

  2. Incredible cactus blossoms, I enjoyed your iPhone pics and the interesting article you linked to.

  3. You and Sharon both have cactus blooms today. Many years ago our neighbor had a night blooming cereus that we enjoyed photographing when it bloomed in total darkness.

  4. What a beautiful cactus. In all my years living in Phoenix I never did see one of these.

  5. thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments!


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