Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ted DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun from the ground

 My longtime blog visitors know that I really like the Ted DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, a free art gallery found in north Tucson.  On a visit this morning, just to try something different, I took all the pictures for this blog post from the ground.  The picture above shows three of the many rooms in the gallery with a bench in the furthest room.

 here is the back room with the bench on the left that was shown in the first picture

 Looking up at one of the many fireplaces, interesting wall textures on the left and right.

 a skull resting in another fireplace

 still on the ground, now out in the courtyard area

 this lizard was exceptionally patient while I took several pictures

 you have to be careful not to get stuck by sharp horns found on many desert plants

 Outside in the little chapel -- ceiling on top, wall mural, adobe wall

 Angels flying around a corner area in the memorial area of the chapel

a tall agave stalk seems to check out a figure on top of a stone sculpture

For some of my past pictures of this gallery taken from a normal height, click here and also here.  If you ever find yourself in the area (Tucson, AZ, 6300 N. Swan), its well worth the visit.

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