Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walking in the rain

We had a very nice overcast and rainy day in Tucson today. I had a morning systems maintenance window this morning and when I finished work I went out for a walk in the rain around the UofA campus. Very refreshing, even the statues were enjoying it.

Ah, refreshing rain!

looking toward the old Steward Observatory building

the Wildcat family was out and about

normally wet fountains, wetter

tables on University Blvd

I walked about 3 miles or so around campus, talking to friends on the phone, snapping an occasional picture, and really enjoying being out in the rain (desert dweller, remember). I stopped for a hot coffee at Cafe Luce which I drank, yep, outside in a light drizzle -- good coffee, first time I've been there. Then back home to do chores, cook, turn the big game on, and get ready for the week. All in all a great day!


  1. Great sequence! I love the smell of the air as the rain hits the ground and how the thirsty plants swell up and turn so green.

    Right now if we had rain it would be the kind that you cringe when it hits you.

    So, did you use an umbrella, go bareheaded, a hat or hood? LOL

  2. Tree -- just out for a walk in the hood... :)

    Its amazing how many different types of rain there are... Some types common to many places, while others seem restricted to particular regionss. There is a particular type of light rain that I've only experienced in South Carolina and Florida that is VERY different than any of the light rains I've experienced elsewhere. Good stuff.

  3. It is so refreshing to see UofA campus and its sculptures in the rain with their colors more saturated than on a typical sunny day.

  4. Well it was pouring! on Sunday morning when we left it made it a little less painful.
    Sounds like you had a good time. enjoy it while you can.

  5. Diane -- it does really make a difference when its wet like that. Parts of campus actually look like they could have been up in Oregon or somewhere.

    Jen -- You're right it really was coming down in the morning, but had let up to a light rain by the time I made it out of the office. Great that we are getting a head start on rain this year!


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