Saturday, February 13, 2010

A tall mosaic sculpture @ the UofA

This interesting and eclectic mosaic sculpture can be found north of the University of Arizona Student Union. It really has a lot going on if one stops to really check it out.

Pretty darn tall for a tile oriented sculpture... In the background is one of the University of Arizona's parking garages -- if you look above the garage's top deck, that grid structure is holding a large array of solar photovoltaic panels which produce electricity while also providing some shade for the cars; win-win.

cool tile moon up on top

the base is wrapped with Santa Theresa style tile work with a variety of southwestern themed plant and animal designs similar to those found under the shade ramadas out at Sabino Canyon

nicely done sculpture, I'd say...


  1. That's some creative tile work, I love the saguaros and coyotes. Also, glad to see UofA is tapping into solar power, and that the panels on top of the parking garage even provide some shade for cars.

  2. The hummingbirds remind me of the pics you posted awhile back. :)


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