Sunday, August 23, 2009

purposeful shadows

I was sitting out on my patio early this morning, sipping coffee and making some notes on a notepad when I noticed some interesting shadows from a patio plant on my notepad. Hey cool, I never thought of purposely getting plant shadows versus just finding them where they happen to fall on the ground! A quick trip into the house to get some blank paper, my camera, and off to wander my backyard to try to capture some purposeful shadows.

I've got to refine my technique on this, but I do like how things came out for a first try.

At first I thought I'd just go for the shadows alone, but quickly changed my mind with shots like the above of subject and shadow.

This was pretty neat, two perspectives in one shot. The one from where I'm standing and the one from where the sun is in the sky.

It was something of a challenge to keep my own shadow out of the picture. Now I know how a groundhog must feel! The picture above has the shadow of a hanging bell clapper in it as well as the plant.

A golden barrel cactus. I tweaked the contrast and brightness of several of the snaps in photoshop.

Even a dead dried weed takes on new dimensions.

I think this has some possibilities for future shadowy snaps of various objects in the future. OK, ok, back to work on my original note taking...


  1. Excellent, Warren. Might be interesting to get some photo-sensitive paper that would automatically print the shadow. I'm not sure how that would work but it seems like it was done in early photography.

  2. Wow I really LOVE the color/b/w contrast! Esp the cropped ones, not that you don't have a nice hand but it shows the secret!!!

    A couple of them look exhibit-worthy (not that I know about art, but I think they are VERY nice!)

    You really are upping the bar! and to hold both camera and paper steady...that must have been decaf coffee! LOL


  3. Very neat--
    Your shadow pictures could pass as the real thing in black and white.

  4. These are awesome shadow shots. I like the crisp clear ones and also the softer bluish dead weed shadow.

  5. Catalyst -- thanks!

    Tree -- I like the cropped pics best too; my favorite is the 3rd shot with the yellow plant.

    Jen -- thanks! This was surprisingly easy too.

    Diane -- thanks much, the one with the bluish tent was taken with the sheet of paper on the ground and me standing further away from and at a greater angle to the paper. Not sure if that's what caused the bluish color or not. Something to play around with...

  6. Nice idea, cool results, Warren.

  7. Granny J -- thanks, are you going to try it out sometime?


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