Monday, August 17, 2009

goats, living on the edge

If you look closely, you will see a small herd of Navajo goats resting under a tree on the side of a canyon wall in Canyon de Chelly (zoomed view below, click for larger size).

They must have a good view from up there. Shade and probably a nice breeze too!


  1. I suspect there is water there too-at least a lot of moisture! That is really beautiful what a great place to explore!

  2. I too was worrying about where the goats got a drink -- perhaps they take moisture from the greenery. And I'm sure they aren't permanently exiled on that ledge.

  3. I bet they walk those little ledges and cliffs all the way down.. Looks like their ideal playground.. I have to figure out why your blog isnt in my updates.. I am not getting that you post a blog at all..

  4. Tree, Grannyj, Tonia -- I'm pretty sure they just trot on down the ridge whenever they feel like to get to the canyon floor for water from the farms, and a lot of the year there are pools of water in parts of the sandstone as well.

    Sure looks like a nice place for them to hangout!


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