Saturday, January 19, 2008

back on the campaign trail...

So I'm hiking off trail northeast of Honeybee Canyon with friends Gregg and Pat today, enjoying the solitude and being away from the Nevada Caucuses election news coverage, and suddenly we run into the saguaro to the right...

Yet another presidential candidate giving a stump speech to anyone who would listen -- You know the pose: arms outstretched, mouth wide open, like-minded supporters carefully planted in the background, at home in an environment full of hot air.

Yes, we had inadvertently stumbled upon the campaign trail...

We didn't stay for the whole event, but long enough to hear:

  • "Green? My opponents are calling me green? My roots are intertwined in the very bedrock of America. No one has a grasp of the country like I do."

  • "Arms reduction? Who said that? Now that's just not funny!"

  • "Seriously, we've got to do something about the coyotes. Installation of fire hydrants is a must."

  • "Show a little spine? I'm showing nothing but spines!"

  • "Yes, I know I've been accused of having a holier than thou attitude. You try dealing with the woodpeckers. Besides, they need a home. I'm proud of my support for the homeless."

  • "What's my taxon? Thanks for asking. My friends call me Carnegia gigantea."

  • "Sure I got myself into a rock, but if I get out of a rock now, I'll lose my support base."

  • "I hold the bush on my far right responsible for that."

  • "Who's that heckler standing over there with all the bad puns?"
Taking the hint, we continued along the campaign trail, carefully watching our step -- this is cattle country after all...

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  1. this is pretty funny... I have actually been listening to some of the campaign stuff... I didn't want to ... but you have to. Guess who I am leaning towards?
    Yeah u guessed.


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