Sunday, January 13, 2008

To wave or not to wave?

I took a quick 3.5 mile loop hike in Saguaro National Park this afternoon and ran into one of those embarassing Sonoran desert moments...

As I came around a bend in the trail, I looked up to see this saguaro waving at me. At least I think it was waving at me, but I sure didn't recognize it. So, what to do? If I wave back, I'll look foolish if it turns out to be waving at someone behind me... If I turn around to check, I'll look foolish if it turns out we've met before... What to do? ...I took the coward's way out and pulled out my camera, smiled back, snapped a picture, and moved on down the trail.

It felt good to get out on a trail for the first time this year, even for this short hike. I've been recovering from my broken wrist from a few months back and have just been doing treadmill stuff lately. Nice to step back out onto the planet.

Quite a few people out day hiking today. I also ran into two different sets of horseback riders, including the group that was being waved at...

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