Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild tests his mettle at this ribbon cutting

 It seems to be ribbon cutting season (see previous post).  On September 7th, I was able to visit Xerocraft's grand re-opening of their new hackerspace in part of the old Steinfeld warehouse in Tucson.  Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild was on hand for the ribbon cutting -- fitting for a hackerspace, they made the ribbon out of metal and gave the major a face shield, apron, and angle grinder to do the ribbon cutting.  Nice!

The crowd enjoyed the ribbon cutting method, the organizers were visually pleased with how well this unique ceremony went, and Mayor Rothschild seemed to enjoy the uniqueness of it himself.  I'm sure he cuts a lot of ribbons as Mayor, but none like this before!

Mayor Rothschild standing victorious.  Who knows, maybe more red tape should be addressed with an angle grinder?  :-)

Xerocraft, by the way, is a cool non-profit that provides access to workspace, tools, 3D printers, laser cutters, etc.  From their website:  "The concept of a Hackerspace is a general workshop with resources to take on any project from simple electrical repair to complex electronic design and prototyping to machining gears, casting odd pieces, creating innovative costumes, building art pieces, exploring esoteric arts, and teaching cutting edge technologies."

I plan to take some instruction and use some of their facilities in the future when I get some time.  A very healthy concept, this hackerspace.  Check out their website.

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