Friday, May 24, 2013

Tucson Modern Streetcar track construction at Speedway underpass

Warren Ave / Speedway underpass (south)  (5/15/2013)
Here are a few recent photos of progress in modifying the Warren Avenue / Speedway underpass to accommodate Tucson's new modern streetcar line.  This was one of three pre-existing pedestrian tunnels under Speedway Blvd on the University of Arizona campus.  Once completed, the streetcar will run on the right side above, with an adjacent pedestrian sidewalk.

Looking down from Speedway on south exit of Warren Avenue underpass

North side of Speedway underpass (5/19/2013)
Here we are looking south toward the underpass from the north side of Speedway Blvd.

The underpass is shown at the beginning of the following video simulation.  Note that the simulation shows a bicyclist riding through the underpass -- my understanding is that they have recently decided to make this stretch a "dismount and walk" for bicyclists.

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