Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tucson Sculpture Festival Photos (February 2013)

"Mortimer" by Charles Spillar (Mixed Media)
I stopped by The Whistle Stop Depot today to check out the 2013 Tucson Sculpture Festival taking place from February 1st - 15th (free).  Wow!  I was really impressed by the quality and diversity of more than 100 different sculptures on display.  Here are a few of my favorites, but there are many more really cool ones on display.  If you are into art and in the Tucson area, I'd really recommend you drop in on the Whistle Stop Depot to check it out (plenty of free parking).

"Singing Dino" by Jorge Vegeli (Metal/Glass)

"Jojo" by Curt Brill (Cast Bronze)

"Trapped" by David Adix (recycled phone & computer cords)

"Open Handed" by Susan Kay Johnson

"Young Poseidon" by Kim Blackhawk

"Tastiest Friend" by Joe Lupiani (bronze/wood)

"Reclining Reader" by Susan Kay Johnson (Epoxy resin)

"The Imp" by Mykl Wells (cardboard / polyurethane)

"Spring Summer Fall Winter" by Linda Chappel (wood)

"Piece of Infinity" by Ralph Prata (hand carved concrete)

"Empire" by Scott Musgrove (cast bronze)

"Wig-O-Rama" by Nick Georgiou (discarded books for cut paper)
"Sierra Wave" by Nickolas Tranmer (Earthenware)

"Screamie" by Kirk McCoy

"Mortimer" by Charles Spillar (mixed media)
note the cool Whistle Stop Depot wall in background made of toilet tank covers

"Gardner" by Anthony Bayne (cast bronze)

untitled by Marcy Miranda Janes (paper mache & cut paper)

"Alice" by Moises Orozco (full figure sculpture, head shown in above picture)

"Agon" by Lois Black (bronze)


  1. What a wonderful exhibit. I would find it hard to pick a favorite.

  2. "Young Poseidon" is by Kim Blackhawk, the beautiful stone piece is "Screamie" by Kirk McCoy, and the welded metal lady (face shown) is "Alice" by Moises Orozco. The ceramic face is not by Nuisnow and Corman, but rather by Susan Kay Johnson and is called "Open Handed." I apologize for error on the first list of artists, however I made a better list today. I'm glad you enjoyed the show.

    1. Thank you for the artists information updates! I really enjoyed the show and hope you continue to see a lot of people stopping by to see this incredible artwork between now and February 15th.

    2. Thank you for enjoying my sculpture Mortimer (6 ft. Snowbird). I notice you also had a picture of his girlfriend Martha in one of your photos also. They are both from my Snowbird series.

      Charlie Spillar

    3. Charlie, thanks for stopping by -- I really enjoyed both of your birds, way cool!

  3. Replies
    1. indeed, these artists created some outstanding pieces!


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