Sunday, January 13, 2013

Built By The People And Dedicated To The Advancement Of...

12/31/2012, Boston First Night Celebration, Ice Sculpture
Every year at Boston's First Night celebration they have several large carved ice sculptures.

This sculpture was particularly timely since the US federal "fiscal cliff" stalemate between Republicans and Democrats was still in progress (and still is, sigh).  Before nightfall, the sculpture looked as above, seemingly showing the Republican and Democrat icons celebrating the release of doves.  The carved stone inscription on the Boston Public Library in the background seems appropriate.

12/31/2012, Boston First Night Celebration, Ice Sculpture
Revisiting the sculpture later at night, a crowd of frozen protesters has appeared, or, perhaps they were raising their arms in celebration?  Hard to say, politics can get quite chilling at times.  Many interpretations could be make of this cold piece of carved art -- that makes for good art, right?

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