Sunday, December 2, 2012

Color Vibe Tucson Run at TMC (2012)

Saturday morning I went over to the Tucson Medical Center campus to take a few pictures of the Color Vibe 5K run.  This fun event involves a lot of food-grade cornstarch dyed powder, runners with white shirt and clean faces, and, well you get the idea.  Looked like everyone had a lot fun, lots of smiles!

Here's a slideshow of 46 of my pictures on Flickr (click bottom right icon for fullscreen):

Note to self: when shooting an unknown event with a somewhat ambiguous course route direction, make sure you have the route direction right or that perfectly chosen morning sunlight in their faces location suddenly becomes a nightmare shoot into the sun situation.  Ooooops.

Learning is fun!  *smile*


  1. I hope that color powder whatever wasn't toxic.. lol

  2. Howdy! Do you have any writing or it is just a completely natural gift of yours? Waiting forward to hear from you.


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