Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pegasus at the Tucson International Airport


Tucson International Airport (TIA) has some very nice art if one takes the time to wander around a bit.  I snapped this one with my trusty G12 while waiting for an arrival last week.   This sculpture is by Barbara Jo McLaughlin and is made out of fiberglass, copper, rebar, and bondo sign enamel.  Nicely done!

[New to me: #14, I finally took the time to look at some of the art exhibits at Tucson International, including the rotating temporary art exhibition (more on that later).]

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  1. Tucson International Airport has some really great art installations. Parking at the airport is really cheap ($1 per 1/2 hour) and worth it to see all of the cool art. Much cheaper than a museum!


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